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Pozwolilem sobie “skompilowac” kilka postow na temat “Elefunk’a” – gry nad ktora pracowalem ;) Generalnie ludzie sa zadowoleni, szkoda ze Sony nie dalo nam wiecej czasu – gra moglaby byc duzo lepsza (i mniej byloby bledow)


I own a lot of psn games (13) and Elefunk is claiming my 2nd favorite spot atm right behind Pixel Junk Monsters. I think, if you are addicted to PJM, you will absolutely love Elefunk. The gameplay is very relaxing and comical. The bridge building is logical and very rewarding when you see the Elefant make it across the bridge you just built and start dancing

Great game, lots of fun.. very hard till you start to understand the mechanics of the game. once you get over the learning curve of how to build good structures in the game the dificulty is perfect.

i would say replay is pretty good, beause even though you figure ou a bridge you can still make it with less peices. makes it very intresting IMO

if you think the 2nd level is hard, just wait!!! im in the swamp where you make your own bridges and have to secure them by rope
WOW!!! i finanly beat the first stage but stuck on the 2nd now. its a great amount of fun

I got the game last night and my fiance and I played the single player awhile unlocking levels and it’s an awesome game. I really enjoy how each level can be solved in various ways my fiance and I both had very different approaches to each puzzle but were both able to complete them with different pieces and numbers of pieces left.
With all the different levels and objectives I can see myself playing and replaying this one. Totally worth the $5, really glad I picked this one up.

I’m a Mechanical Engineer… I love Elefunk.
I find it fun to make the bridges break..and still get the elephant to the other side.

(and other topics)

Overall the game is very rewarding and surprisingly fun, I would seriously recommend purchasing this game!!!

I’m elefunkin addicted! What a great game, I love how they made engineering and physics into gameplay. Reminds me of making toothpick bridges in shop class back in school.

my parents came to visit me this weekend and saw me playing elefunk and really got into it and now my mom wants an hdtv, ps3, and elefunk and said “then i wont have to go to the casino” haha.

What a great little game.. i just finished it, most of my designs looked like a mess, but, they got the job done, im going to go through later and try to better designs… anyways, im ready for more levels..

Elefunk is very enjoyable. I am only at the half way point, but I give it a high mark for fun. And it takes some engineering skill.

I just downloaded Elefunk last night, and I’m absolutely loving it. Although I still haven’t completed the game, I can say for certain that I’m enjoying the gameplay immensely, and fully support the idea of adding a level editor, or at least a level/map expansion pack in order to extend the gameplay. Great game, fun to play, and I’m not going to want to put it down once I’ve got the levels it ships with done, so yes, please give us a level editor and/or additional map/level packs so I can keep on playing.

ohh yah i love this game. I figured i would try the demo then i immediatly bought the game i love it so much. It’s a ton of fun thinking of ways to makes the bridges work.

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