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How to recognize Xbox-360 chipset version

There is this moment in life of every Xbox-360 user, when you start to wonder what will you do when this happens:

Yes, it’s infamous Red Ring of Death (RRoD), which indicates the end of good old times. From this day on, it’s only sorrow and pain (for complete ignorants: RRoD means you have to send your console to M$, if you dont have warranty, you can bin it).

How to prepare for that terrible moment?

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How to clean and fix your laptop

Recently my Asus F3H started to behave very strange. Symptoms were:

  • everything started to work loudly, especially fan being very noisy while performing actions which required lot of processor power
  • upper right part of keyboard started to heat up a lot, sometimes being VERY HOT
  • after few hours of work, efficiency dropped dramatically

So I decided to do some laptop-cleaning. I’ve bought HEAT CONDUCTIVE PASTE, some CPU AND HEATSING CLEANER and a CAN OF COMPRESSED AIR (remember not to use it upside down – air will start freezing things). Before you start, turn the computer off for a while to let it cool down – otherwise you can damage it when using cold air on very hot computer parts. Same when you assemble it – let any moisture to dry out. If you don’t want to buy the air, you can use your vacuum cleaner (but be very caution!)


Once you open the computer (see article here, lots of photos!) it’s time to do some work…


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How to upgrade your laptop’s memory

Text below is based on Asus F3H but all recent laptops use almost the same components.

Please notice that you are using this instruction at your own risk – you can break your computer or hurt yourself. So please read the whole article before you try to do actual upgrade. If you feel awkward using screwdriver, please ask your daddy to do it ;) Following this instructions may void you warranty!

After this optimistic introduction, let’s move to the main topic. I am would like to apologize all the hardcore computer freaks for all those details – a lot of people still believe that computer is some kind of magical device ;)

What will we need:

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How to repair iTunes installation on Windows?

After installing iTunes on my laptop, weird things started to happen: on every startup there was this message: “AppleSyncNotifier has stopped working because iconv.dll is missing”.


The solution to this problem is simple:

  • download iconv.dll from
  • scan it with your antivirus program (just to be 100% sure)
  • copy it to location: C:Program Files (x86)Common FilesAppleMobile Device Support
  • Problem solved ;) It was tested on Windows 7, but should work on Vista as well.

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    Changes, Changes, Changes

    As you probably noticed, the blog looks a little different: I decided to make some changes, the old template has already started to make me crazy – was not widget-friendly and each change was associated with digging into the code.

    Frankly speaking, new skin is not very user-friendly too, but still a big change for the better. If someone would like to exchange banners that invite, I have few places on the right side(125 × 125)

    I have a lot of texts planned – equipment, travel, photography etc etc, so you can expect tons of new articles ;)

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